The Medal Count

I began the day with Nicholas Kristof’s wrenching portrait of the heroic and once-brilliant Major Ben Richards, who is is seeing his mind slip away after repeated head injuries in Iraq.

Now that he’s home and needs us, we’re not there for him.

Then I watched the US win the gold medal basketball game against Spain, the players jubilantly dancing around the court afterward to Springsteen’s “Born in the USA.”

The song is about American neglect for its wounded heroes from a war decades ago.

So, we won the gold, Major Richards’ is losing his mind, and NBC is promoting the hell out of “Stars Earn Stripes.”

About paulcmclean

I'm a husband, father, and writer, which is another way of saying I have the best gig there is. I'm an accidental bioethicist, occasional children's chorus chaperone, a bit over the top in the Springsteen department, and have a daughter who was cured and a beagle with a story. Some call the beagle a rescue. What they don't realize is, I'm the rescue.
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